Our Baseball Utility instructors are current and former MLB players who will teach you how to work smarter to attain your goals. This amazing program is the key to your success!

Adam Rosales

Certified Baseball Utility instructor

Adam Rosales, founder of Baseball Utility, created the organization with a goal to provide youth baseball and softball players a meaningful way to receive individualized hitting and fielding instruction from professional ballplayers who aspire to help each player not only perform to his or her full potential, but aspire to continue their progress in the long term. Currently a utilityman with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Adam understands the strong work ethic and dedication it requires to attain success in the sport of baseball. Adam enjoys sharing his hitting and fielding techniques through interactive and entertaining drills which make practices not only have a purpose, but also rewarding and fun! Adam Rosales, also known across the big leagues as ``Rosie,`` is a ten year veteran of the major leagues with teams including the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, and twice with the Oakland Athletics.

Contact --> adam@baseballutility.com

Pat Misch

Certified Baseball Utility pitching instructor

I have known Adam since 2000 and had the opportunity to play with him at Western Michigan University. I witnessed his passion, love and energy for the game every single day and you always knew he giving everything he had. Outside of baseball, he is even a better person. This made it very easy for me to join him with Baseball Utility to have an opportunity to inspire and teach children through my experiences with baseball. I have pitched for five different professional organizations (San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins) along with playing in Taiwan and Japan.

Laura Michaels

Vice President of Communications

Laura Michaels is currently Vice President of Communications here at Baseball Utility and has been a lifelong baseball fan who takes pride in inspiring players of all ages and abilities to reach for their goals on and off the field. In her ``spare`` time, ``Miss Michaels`` is a full time public elementary school teacher in Carlsbad, CA. She is entering her 21st year of teaching with experience in primary grades 1-3. A San Diego native, Laura is thrilled to be able to combine her love of teaching and baseball to reach out and connect with players, coaches, and families within the Baseball Utility community. Laura also manages our charitable program, Sandlot Nation, which is growing quickly with her help to support SN's mission to inspire America's youth and encourage players to take charge of their game!

Contact: (760) 917-0498

Purposeful Programs and Opportunities

Learn from Major League Baseball players who know what it takes to take your game to the next level 
Real Time Evaluations

Connect with a Major League Baseball player and learn how to hit, pitch, and field to your full potential. 

Coach’s Corner

Join Major League Baseball players on a LIVE webinar. Learn how to run practice with helpful drills and team fundamentals. 

Baseball and Softball Camps

Sign up for a camp and get on site instruction from real Major League Baseball players. Enjoy this memorable experience and the invaluable lessons that you will learn. 

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