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Engage with Major Leaguers in LIVE webinar sessions, and learn essential team fundamentals and drills that will enhance your teams' practices. These MLB players can help you develop your players and help your team win more ball games!



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Pick and choose which sessions you would like to learn about the most. You will be given an access code on Go to Meeting video call. Remember that all of these sessions are very important and you will time in each session to ask questions to our Major League Baseball players Adam Rosales and Pat Misch.

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Save over 30% and experience all of the sessions: learn small details that you can apply to all of your practices which will help your players develop into smart players. Enjoy the special session with our professional PT, catcher and strength and condition coach as well.

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12 Session Coach’s Corner Program

Available Dates and Times
Session 1 – MLB spring training vs. Little League practice. How can players get the most out of practice? Do players get enough reps, and are they learning the proper essentials of the game? Adam Rosales and Pat Misch are Major League Baseball players who will provide you with the fundamentals to run a productive practice which will effectively help develop your players. Adam will also demonstrate two very important hitting drills that your players can do during your practice.
1/11/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 2 – PICKLE! You have all seen the movie the Sandlot. You saw Benny “the JET” Rodriguez get out of a “pickle” (run down) and he was safe at home plate. Adam Rosales and Pat Misch will present a few ways that will make sure that your defense always gets the runner out. Pat will also demonstrate two ways to pick off a baserunner at second base, and will provide two excellent pitching drills that will help develop all young pitchers. In this session, Adam will also explain how to run a smooth infield outfield.
1/18/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 3 – Why did Manny Ramirez cut off a ball from center fielder, Johnny Damon? This is not a start of a bad joke. Even MLB players are in the wrong position for cut-offs and relays sometimes. As Adam plays Sandlot Nation games with little leaguers around America, he has noticed how these young players are always out of position on cut-offs and relays. Not only will you learn how to coach this important team fundamental, but Adam Rosales will also provide you with two more hitting drills and professional tips on catching fly balls in the outfield.
1/25/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 4 – Pitchers who win GOLD GLOVES. It should be simple for young pitchers to field a comebacker and turn it into a double play, and know that when the ball is hit to first base that it’s the pitcher’s job is to cover first base, but many times these young pitchers just watch the play and are unsure of what to do. MLB pitcher, Pat Misch, will demonstrate the essentials of Pitching Fielding Practice (PFP’s) and provide two more great pitching drills for all young pitchers. On top of that, Adam will explain how to use a tee ball game to make practice even more exciting!
2/1/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 5 – Preventing injuries in youth sports. We are pleased to welcome the San Diego Padres Physical Therapist, Scott Hacker, who will provide pertinent information on how we as coaches can make sure we are teaching our young athletes how to avoid injuries.
2/8/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 6 – Easy as 6-4-3! When you think of the greatest middle infielders of all time you think of Omar Vizquel, Ozzie Smith, and Derek Jeter, who are all shortstops by nature, but when it comes to turning double plays it’s the second baseman that truly makes the magic happen. In this session, you will find out why. Adam Rosales will cover all essentials of middle infield work and bunt defenses, and he will also demonstrate two more beneficial hitting drills that every young player can use at practice.
2/15/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 7 – I got it, I got it, I got it! We have all seen the blooper reel; some of us have even been on it. This is why communicating on the field is so essential! In this session, you will learn how to coach players so they understand who has priority on tricky pop flies, Adam Rosales will also demonstrate the specifics of playing the corner infield positions, and Pat Misch will favor us with two new pitching drills that will help develop all young pitchers.
2/22/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 8 – The difference between winning and losing. It is the little things that make the difference, and little things like knowing how and when to take the extra base is an essential part of a winning team. Adam Rosales encourages all young players to be aggressive, and he will demonstrate how he anticipates and reads the ball in the dirt in his Major League games in order to take the extra base. Adam will also demonstrate two more important hitting drills for all ages and will explain a few more outfield specifics.
3/1/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 9 – The shortstop is important, but what about the backstop? We are very excited to introduce MLB catcher, Erik Kratz, to the Coach’s Corner to explain all of the main essentials of a catcher. These crucial tips and instructs will make all of your players want to become catchers! The catchers are the leaders on the field and that’s why most of them become MLB managers after they are done playing.
3/8/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 10 – This game is 90% half mental. Adam Rosales and Pat Misch have transcended the adverse grind of minor league baseball and developed into successful Major League Baseball players. The only way they could do that was to understand how to prepare mentally. What does it mean to stay positive? Listen to all of their intriguing and inspiring stories that whey will share from Little League all the way up to the Major Leagues. Their experiences will make you appreciate the mental side of the game even more! (talk about situational hitting and pitching jams)
3/15/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 11 – ALL 27 outs! In little league, there might just be 21 outs to complete a full game, but Adam Rosales and Pat Misch will explain the best way to run a fun drill to test your players on all of the team fundamentals that you have learned throughout this course. This drill will not only tell you if they are physically ready for a real game, but also if they are mentally in tuned. Adam will also touch on more important baserunning essentials and Pat will demonstrate more essential pitching drills for players of all ages.
3/22/18 ... 9:30pm EST
Session 12 – Strength and conditioning programs. This is a BONUS session for all of us! We are pleased to welcome Mark Sich, who trained Adam Rosales from 2006 throughout Adam’s whole baseball career. Mark works with athletes of all ages. Adam commends Mark and gives him all of the credit for keeping him healthy every year. Because Adam has been healthy he has enjoyed and preserved through a ten year Major League Career.
3/29/18 ... 9:30pm EST